Letter: T-S Misc.35.8

Letter T-S Misc.35.8



Letter from Abū ʿAlī b. Abū l-Mānī, in Constantinople, to his father-in-law Yosef al-Baghdādī, in Egypt. Dating: Probably first half of the 12th century, based on the probable mention of the same writer in T-S 13J21.17 (there referred to as Abū ʿAlī the son-in-law of the Ḥaver al-Baghdādī, the pancake-maker). In this letter, Abū ʿAlī recounts how he met his wife, Yosef's daughter, when they were both in captivity. He is trying to solve his financial problems by sending a power of attorney and accessing some of his inheritance. He refuses to accede to his father-in-law’s wishes and divorce his wife. (Information from CUDL and from Ben Outhwaite, “Byzantines in the Cairo Genizah,” in Jewish Reception of Greek Bible Versions, ed. Nicholas de Lange, Julia Krivoruchko, and Cameron Boyd-Taylor.)

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