Letter: T-S Misc.35.23

Letter T-S Misc.35.23



Letter from a father to a son. In Hebrew. Sent from an unknown location to Fustat/Cairo. Dating: Late, probably no earlier than 16th century. People mentioned: Shalom b. Pinḥas; Avraham Dayyan; Yoḥanan; Sulaymān b. Qamra; "Doña Gemalya our neighbor"; Ḥayyim Bibas; Yiṣḥaq Neḥemias. The letter contains updates on various items of clothing, a commentary on the book of Job, and 500 levanim (white silver dirham, eventually known as akçe). In the postscript there is a message for the writer's wife (he bought her a shuqqa). This is a long and well-preserved letter; needs further examination.

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