Letter: T-S Misc.28.261

Letter T-S Misc.28.261

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Letter from Manṣūr to either his son or his father Abū ʿImrān. (Both are referred to as ואלד, but this is sometimes the spelling for ולד in this period.) In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 13th–16th century. Mentions numerous business matters. Commodities include textiles and vessels. Names include: Yosef; Saʿdūn b. [..]āʾil; Makīn the son of the sister of al-M[...]; Dāʾūd the boy of the shaykh; Umm Maryam; ʿAbdallāh; al-Shaykh al-Thiqa Kātib al-Jawālī ('secretary of the capitation taxes'); al-shaykh al-ṣafiyy; al-shaykh al-shammas. Mentions the term jāmikiyya (v6). Needs further examination.