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Letter T-S Misc.28.143



Letter from Me'ir Saragos, in Fustat/Cairo, to Yaʿaqov Mar Ḥayyim, probably somewhere in the Levant. The writer was a judge active in Cairo in the second decade of the 16th century. The name of the addressee appears in other documents from 1509 and 1511 CE. The letter is in Hebrew with several Turkish words mixed in. The beginning of the letter deals with the 'sürgün,' an Ottoman policy of forced population transfers. Thus the letter was presumably written some time after the Ottoman conquests of 1517 CE, if such a policy was already in effect. The continuation of the letter deals with business matters, and then a complaint about Yaʿaqov b. Shanjū, who has persisted in "playing" (i.e., gambling) and lost a great deal of money. Information largely from Avraham David's edition (via FGP).

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