State document: T-S Misc.25.73

State document T-S Misc.25.73



Recto: Letter/petition in Arabic script to a qāḍī (al-majlis al-sāmī al-ajallī al-qaḍāʾī al-shamsī). The sender's name is given at the top but is tricky to read (al-mamlūk al-aṣghar Abū l-[...]). There is a large upper margin. The hand appears late, but this is tentative. The sender only gets to the substance of the petition in the last preserved line (wa-siwāhu inna muʿrīḍ(?) hādhih al-khidma al-shaykh al-jalīl Abū l-[...]...." Dating: Mamluk era. On verso are Hebrew poems, at least one of which is by Yehuda ha-Levi.