Legal document: T-S Misc.25.122

Legal document T-S Misc.25.122


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Recto: Legal testimony, possibly a draft. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dated Sunday 9 Iyyar 1559 Seleucid (1248 CE). Place: Fustat. Involves Sulaymān al-Ṣayrafī al-Levi b. Abū l-Munā al-Sukkarī, a sum of 140 dinars, the brothers Abū l-Rabīʿ Sulaymān Al-Levi and Abū l-Faraj Zayn al-Tujjār al-Levi the executors (or heirs?) of the late ʿAmram, and monthly payments of 4 dinars to the brothers. Verso: Jottings in Arabic script and the name "Shelomo b. Yishay ha-Nasi" several times.