Letter: T-S Misc.25.105

Letter T-S Misc.25.105



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Dated: 2 Nisan 1551 Seleucid = 26 March 1240 CE. The handwriting resembles that of Avraham Maimonides (but cannot be his, because he died several years earlier). Reporting on [Abū] Naṣr who apparently beat his wife and oppressed her and brought a garment with a lot of blood on it (צרב זוגתה ואגחף בהא ואחצר תוב פיה דם כתיר), however, it seems that the addressee is asked to help the husband rather than the wife (inṣāfuhu min zawjatihi) — or maybe this refers to exercising justice over him on behalf of the wife. If the man and his wife cannot reach an agreement, the man should deliver the writer's letter that is in his possession to the military governor (al-wālī al-ḥarb) of Ashmūm. If they do reach an agreement, that letter should not be delivered. On recto there is an extremely elaborate medical recipe in Arabic script.