Letter: T-S Misc.23.4

Letter T-S Misc.23.4



Letter from Avraham b. Natan Av ha-Yeshiva, probably Fusṭāṭ, to the cantor Yiṣḥaq b. Avraham, Damsīs. Much of the letter has to do with Avraham asserting his authority, including issuing a stern warning to a man named Ziyād ("this is a donkey's name") in Shubrā Damsīs who is to cease and decist from slaughtering birds, otherwise he will be prosecuted. Avraham also tells the addressee to sell the goods (? tarika) of R. Matitya and send the earnings with Ṣabāh or whomever else from the merchants. Avraham has already received the value of Matitya's goods that had been left behind in Damīra.