State document: T-S Misc.22.299

State document T-S Misc.22.299


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Recto: Official letter. Approximately 14 lines are preserved. Dating: No earlier than 1021 CE, since al-Ḥākim was dead at the time of writing. Possibly dating to the reign of al-Ẓāhir (1021–36). A letter of gratitude for the sender's patron(s) who aided him in obtaining a decree/rescript renewing his appointment in a certain position. Mentions Abū Muḥammad al-Ḥasan b. Qāsim ("his waliyy and khādim") who brought a mighty decree (sijill muʿaẓẓam) from the caliph (min al-ḥaḍra al-muṭahhara), apparently renewing the sender's appointment "in carrying on my service these districts" (bi-l-jary ʿalā rasmī fī khidmatī bi-hādhihi al-aʿmāl) "and informed me of the benefaction of my masters...." The sender blesses the addressee that he be "in the shadow/protection" (bi-ẓill) of al-Ḥākim (God's peace be upon him / salām Allāh ʿalayhi). Goes on to mention the gratitude of the whole "community" (al-jamāʿa). The line containing the ḥamdala and ṣalwala was originally located at the bottom of the document, but it has migrated to the top due to how it was rolled, glued, and cut open. On verso there is dream interpretation in Judaeo-Arabic. Somehow related to BT Ber. 55 ff (information from Gideon Bohak via FGP). ASE