List or table: T-S Misc.22.184

List or table T-S Misc.22.184



List of accounts in Judeo-Arabic that includes prices "סער" expressed in alphanumerical figures and the unit of volume "irdab/ארדב" (l. 14r) possibly in connection with the measurement of grain. For more information on this term, see Goitein's brief explanation (Goitein, Mediterranean Society I, 361) though it is crucial to note that this unit persisted beyond the medieval period and in Ottoman-era sources is often transliterated as "ardab" yet it indicates a significantly higher volume of liters per ardab (White, Climate of Rebellion, xv). On the verso Ramaẓān "רמצאן" is mentioned in the first entry, as are the names Nūr al-Dīn and Aḥmed in the second entry. MCD.