Letter: T-S Misc.20.45

Letter T-S Misc.20.45


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Letter in the hand of the cantor Abū Sahl Levi b. al-Ahuv, to one of his sons, probably Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi in Qalyūb. On recto, he answers a question about whether havdala is recited over a candle on Saturday night—probably the issue is that Tisha b'Av falls on Sunday. He writes that there is no havdala at all on Saturday night, but only Maʿariv and qinnot. Then, on Sunday night, one does havdala with wine and spices "if available; if not, no matter," and one recites the blessing over the candle, bore me'orei ha-esh, and the final blessing, ha-mavdil through ha-mavdil bein qodesh le-hol. He concludes the letter here, but must have subsequently decided to write more on verso. From the damaged top of verso it is only possible to tell that everyone is worried about the addressee. Then: "If you hear anything, come to us quickly, do not delay (אל תתמ{ה}מה). In sum, reliance is on God." Then he tells the addressee not to worry about the writer and his family, "because we do not go out." He concludes by saying, "If something difficult happens, stay where you are, do not endanger yourself." ASE.