Legal document: T-S Misc.10.196

Legal document T-S Misc.10.196



Several legal attestations in Hebrew, perhaps from a court ledger, in multiple handwritints, regarding the dispute between Yosef Kalido (?) and David Leon, who were in the securities ("polisas") business. David Leon transfered to Yosef Kalido a debt owed by Yosef Shunina (the Talmudic term "apoteiki" is used here, but seems to refer to Kalido himself rather than to assets designated as repayment). There was also a dispute between Yosef Shunina and Makhlūf Mayo (?), likewise regarding polisas. The plot thickens here, and more characters are introduced, including Eliezer Benveniste and Yosef de Leon. The settlements reached appear on verso in statements introduced by "I the undersigned, by the power vested in me. . . ." which sounds like a European documentary formula. The date Friday, 17 Elul appears, but the year (if given) is difficult to parse—may be gematriya. ASE