Letter: T-S K25.239

Letter T-S K25.239

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In PGP since 2019


Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Unknown sender and addressee; likely one judge or communal official writing to another. The lower left corner is missing. Abū l-Faraj met with the sender and told him that he is taking a trip and that the ketubba has still not been found. It seems that it had been deposited with Abū Zakariyyā Ibn Sugh[mār?] but that someone took it from him. The sender proposes a resolution involving the wife appearing before the court and having a new document drawn up (אלי חית ירסם להא ויקני מנהא) and relinquishing claims against a man (maybe they have divorced, and she was unable to present the ketubba with proof of the payments owed to her).