Legal document: T-S K25.132

Legal document T-S K25.132


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In PGP since 2019


There are two fragments, both are torn and fragmentary, under this shelfmark. 1 recto is a ketubba, Signed by [...[] b. Avraham, Ghālib b. Ḥasan, Ṣedaqa b. Hasan, Khalaf b. Barikh, ʿUthmān b. Hudhayl (or Hadhal? See Friedman, JMP, II, 429). 2 recto: Is the dowry list of the ketubba in fol. 1, probably torn from the upper part of the leaf. 1 verso + 2 verso: Biblical Exegesis: Leviticus Behar 25:14 – 16 (data from FGP by Ephraim Ben-Porat).