List or table: T-S J1.6

List or table T-S J1.6


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Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic and western Arabic numerals. Dated: 1004 AH, which is 1595/96 CE. In the verso note mentioning the year of recording, the scribe has also noted that the "defter'" offers accounts regarding "קומאש" (fabric). On the recto, the list heading on the right of the bifolium is in the name of Shemuʾel Tortos and the entries below it mention goods such as "almonds/לוז", "olive oil/זית", "cheese/גבן", and other Judaeo-Arabic terms. Near the inner crease on the left side of the recto, the Turkish "kırmızı/קרמזי/red" may be in use. MCD.