List or table: T-S AS 206.223

List or table T-S AS 206.223


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Memorandum (tadhkira) of goods sent, written probably by Abū Zikrī Kohen. In line 1 we might be able to complete [Abū l-Khay]r [b. M]ūsā al-Barqī, who is known from the India Book documents (e.g India Traders, p. 314, n. 15). Mentions people such as Yiṣḥaq al-Nafūsī, Abū Zikrī, Abū Naṣr, Abū l-Ḥasan. Mentions commodities such as pepper, lac, indigo, beads (kharaz), sal ammoniac (nushādir), cardamom, emblic jam (shīr amlaj), dragon's blood (qāṭir), bamboo chalk (ṭabāshīr), Meccan senna, something called "Indian" (hindī), and ginger. Mentions various mercantile expenses including seamen (baḥḥāra), shipping, a scribe (? warrāq), and customs (maks). Belongs together with the documents of India Book V. AA/ASE.