Letter: T-S AS 204.111

Letter T-S AS 204.111



Letter from Avraham Maimonides, autograph. In Judaeo-Arabic. Begins with the motto הנה אל ישועתי. Addressed to the ḥaver, morenu ve-rabbenu, Yosef. This is a letter of recommendation for Yaʿqūb b. Dani'el: "he is in in grave need" (fa-huwa fī ḍurūra akhīdha wa-ʿindahu qaṭʿa(?) wa-qillat ḥīla); "appoint a guardian for him" (? tawaṣṣā bihi); "he is deserving"; mentions Peraḥya and other people in the margin; then, "encourage them to help him according to your ability" (tuḥarrikhum fī ḥaqqihi ḥasaba ṭāqatika). Information largely from Friedman's Dictionary (pp. 11, 209, 308, 762). ASE.