Legal document: T-S AS 17.30

Legal document T-S AS 17.30


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Ketubba, Rabbanite. (Refers to שטר כתובתא דא in the fifth line of the lower fragment.) Groom: ʿOvadya b. [...] Elishaʿ (spelled אליסע). Probably dated Elul [47]67 AM, which would be 1007 CE, but it could theoretically be 1107 CE or even 1207 CE. On verso there is part of a calendar including for the years 969–75, which are either reckoned from the destruction of the temple, i.e., 1037–43 CE, or from the creation of the world (which is much more common), yielding 1208–15 CE. The layout of the ketubba is quite odd, and the phrase כך וכך appears in the bottom line, suggesting that this could be a copy or a draft. The calendar on verso could have been written a long time after the ketubba on recto. (Information in part from CUDL via FGP, and dating advice kindly provided by Amir Ashur.)