Legal document: T-S AS 166.29

Legal document T-S AS 166.29



Damaged legal deed, probably a settlement, in which a man (Manṣ[ūr]?) accepts a number of stipulations upon himself concerning a house and household goods. He agrees not to annoy (ḍājara) his wife, and he will provide for the two daughters of Yaʿqūb b. M[...] Ibn Jumayʿ, who are named Sitt al-Ahl and Sitt al-Qawām. The situation is not totally clear; this might be a divorce agreement or another kind of agreement based on the conditions that were written in the ketubba. At the bottom of verso, at 180 degrees, there is an unrelated legal note concerning the marriage payments of Elʿazar b. Ṭ[...]. The early installment is 8 dinars and the dowry is 43 dinars. Underneath, there is a note about the conditions agreed upon, involving property in the al-Qālūs neighborhood. There are additional jottings in both Arabic script and Hebrew script. AA. ASE.