Letter: T-S AS 164.266

Letter T-S AS 164.266



Complete letter from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, Qalyub, to a family member in Fustat. He sent 23 dirhams with the bearer and gives instructions for its disposal. The recipient is to buy lemons (?) for one dirham and give them to the Rayyis Abu Zikri (the Gaon Sar Shalom ha-Levi?!). He also orders white paper for 3/4 dirham. Of the remaining 21 1/4, Baqa' Ibn al-Sab' gets 20. Apparently Moshe also has some money with the recipient, which he then adds to the remaining 1 1/4. Mahfuz is to get some. 'Imran Ibn al-Dajani gets some. All of these people are to give receipts. The recipient is to tell Moshe's paternal uncle Tahir that he got for him from Abu l-Ḥasan the partner of Salim 13 dirhams after great difficulty, and he is willing to send them. "As for the maqamah that you sent me, it is mine and in my own handwriting. And tell Abu Sa'd [...]." He could plausibly be referring to DK 173, an autobiographical maqamah in his own hand. ASE.