Letter: T-S AS 163.50

Letter T-S AS 163.50

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Letter from Menashshe b. Shemuel, possibly in Damietta, to Abū l-Barakāt b. Ṣadaqa, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Ca. 1153–56 CE, since T-S 10K20.1 is a synagogue calendar for those years which mentions the same Abū l-Khayr Ṣadaqa and Abū l-Ḥasan b. Ḥashīsh who are mentioned in this letter. The sender expresses his sympathy for some distressing event and makes excuses for why he hasn't been writing. He sends regards to a Kohen and to Abū Saʿd. He has heard that Abū l-Ḥasan b. Ḥashīsh is planning to come to Damietta to collect the gold owed to him. He is annoyed about this, apparently because he planned to come to Fustat and pay. He concludes with greetings for the addressee's father-in-law (right margin) and to Abū l-Khayr Ṣadaqa (upper margin). (But note that this Abū l-Khayr Ṣadaqa is not the addressee's father, since that Ṣadaqa is dead.) On verso, at 180 degrees to the address, there is a list of about a dozen names in Arabic script, e.g., Bū Isḥāq Maʿālī, Abu l-Faḍl, [...] al-ʿAṭṭār, Bū l-Munā, Yūsuf. Some family relations are given. Significance unclear. AA. ASE.