Letter: T-S AS 158.173

Letter T-S AS 158.173



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Probably a Maghribī business letter of the 11th century. Fragment (lower half of recto). Mentions the qāḍī Ibn al-[...] and someone called al-ḥāfiẓ. The sender asks the addressee to send a letter on his behalf thanking Manṣūr b. ʿAṭiyya and his father. He asks to be sent the 'miḥbas' (either a collar necklace or a cotton textile, according to the Diem-Radenberg dictionary) so that he can do something with it to keep it from going bad. He reports that many ships have arrived from Sicily. The sender knows that al-Shaykh al-Muwaffaq is saying about him "what I heard from/about him in Alexandria." The continuation in the margin is too damaged to read. AA. ASE.