Letter: T-S AS 155.307

Letter T-S AS 155.307



Business letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Connected to both the India trade and trade in the Maghrib. Mentions: lac, clove, nutmeg, civet, pepper; someone meeting with the sender in Raʾs Tīnī; an Aleppan; a Byzantine ship that brought Jews from al-Mahdiyya including Ibn Nufayʿ (Abū ʿImrān known from the India Book?) and [...] b. Nahray; quotes a couple biblical verses; the news from the Jews who arrived that Yaʿaqov b. Isḥāq was killed, and something to do with Tilimsān and Fez; (then in the postscript,) someone who has been idle or unemployed; ʿAydhāb; and Alexandria after the holidays.