Legal document: T-S AS 153.341

Legal document T-S AS 153.341

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Deed of sale or gift of property. Damaged. Location: not preserved. Dating: not preserved, but 11th century seems likely, based on the uncommon formulae and the lack of any Judaeo-Arabic component. The document refers to Gentile courts as Bei Davār (בידואר), in line with Talmudic usage (cf. Bodl. MS heb. b 13/42). It seems that the buyers are a pair of sisters: Sittūnūh (? סתונוה) and Ḍiyāʾ. Their brother Yosef and another male relative named Efrayim are also involved, perhaps as guarantors. There is a fragment of one signature preserved, perhaps [Ya]ʿīsh b. [...]. AA. ASE.