Legal document: T-S 13J25.20 + T-S AS 153.12

Legal document T-S 13J25.20 + T-S AS 153.12



A Karaite legal deed in which the bride, Dhukhr, who is in Tyre, appoints her father, David b. Ishaq ha-Levi, in Fustat to betroth her to any man he wishes. Published by Gil, Addenda to Palestine. Mentions Abu Nasr ha-nasi. The bride's sister's husband is named Adiyya, known as Abu Sai'd b. Menashshe. The two witnesses in court are Moshe b. Sib'a and Aharon b. Faraj. Signed by Shemuel Hakohen b. Wahab, Musafir b. Simha, Yosef Hakoen b. Efrayim, Yosef Hakohen ha-haver b. Ya'aqov the scribe, Eli b. Shelomo. Join: M. A. Friedman, JMP, I, 218, n. 5 (see Ashur, PhD diss., p. 65. n. 54).

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