List or table: T-S AS 147.93

List or table T-S AS 147.93


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An honorary list to Avraham ha-Nagid and Moshe ha-Nagid. We know only little on the late Negidim from Maimonides' family. His grandchild David b. Avraham had a son called Avraham who become Nagid himself until ca. 1300. He had 3 sons: Moshe, Ovadya and Yehosu'a, who served as a Nagid. Scholars have raised a question how come the youngest become a Nagid and non of the elders sons? So this document is a strong proof that Moshe was a Nagid. See also TS K15.58, where Musa al-Nagid is mentioned (Cohen, The Voice of the Poor, p. 176). AA