Letter: T-S AS 146.300 + T-S AS 151.211

Letter T-S AS 146.300 + T-S AS 151.211

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Letter probably from [Shem]uel Algıdın (? אלגידין). In Hebrew. Dating: Possibly 16th century. Much of the letter is missing, so the content is obscure. Mentions places such as Bulaq, Rashid, and Jerusalem. Mentions people such as Yaʿaqov Kohen, Yosef Malṭi ("of Malta"), Moshe ʿĀl, Shemuel, Yishamʿel, the sender's brother-in-law Shabbetay, Doña Zahra, Binyamin, Seʿadya, and Avraham Mandil. (Information largely from A. David's edition; note that he interprets the signature as meaning this is a letter from "Yoel" to "Gidaya.")