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Letter T-S AS 146.30

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Letter to Avraham b. Yiṣḥaq b. Neṭira. In Hebrew. In the handwriting of a certain Avraham ha-Kohen, who is known in the world of piyyuṭ scholarship as the scribe of panegyrics addressed to a certain Avraham ha-Baghdadi. Scheiber published this letter as the key to the identity of Avraham ha-Baghdadi (i.e., he was Avraham b. Yiṣḥaq b. Neṭira, from a distinguished Baghdad family—the grandfather or ancestor, Neṭira, served as banker to the caliphs al-Muʿtaḍid and al-Muqtadir between 892 and 910 CE). This letter is an appeal/petition for help. He refers to the death of 'the Maghribī man who was with me' and how he now lives in poverty and the congregations are too poor to support him. The note on verso may read, "Please te[ar] this letter, whoever reads it," according to Scheiber's plausible reconstruction. Information from Scheiber, "A Letter to Abraham B. Isaac Netira," Tarbiz 48 (1979), 352–55.