Letter: T-S AS 146.147

Letter T-S AS 146.147



Letter of appeal for financial assistance from the elders of the community of Corfu (קורפו). In Hebrew. The date does not appear to be preserved, but probably ca. 16th or 17th century. The community previously sent messengers to Patras, but the community there was also impoverished and unable to help. There are seven signatures, including Gershon b. Yosef; Yosef b. Yoḥanan; Binyamin b. Shemarya the Salonican (שלוניקאו); Shemarya b. ʿEzra; Avraham b. Yosef; Matitya b. Yiṣḥaq; and one which is too stylized to read (at lower left). Merits further examination. AA/ASE