Legal document: T-S AS 145.87

Legal document T-S AS 145.87


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Deed of sale. Dating: Second half of the 16th century. Ṣemaḥ Alanj (? אלנג׳) sells Shemuel Cordoba 19 pounds of a particular kind of coral (מרגאל גשים קצף) for 17 peraḥim and 2 coronas. Shemuel pays 6 peraḥim at this time and still owes 11 perḥim and 2 coronas. The document is signed by Avraham Sambari. There is an addendum written in between the lines at 180 degrees, mentioning the wife of Makhlūf. Ṣemaḥ Alanj is also mentioned in T-S AS 145.87, a deed of release from the year 5329 AM (1568/69 CE).

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