Letter: T-S Ar.54.92b

Letter T-S Ar.54.92b


Recto, with the address on verso: Mercantile letter from Yehuda b. Moshe to Abū l-ʿAlāʾ Yūsuf b. Dāʾūd Ibn Shaʿyā, in Fustat. In Arabic script, elegantly written. Dating: mid-11th century, as the addressee is known from other Geniza letters from this time. Mainly dealing with business in flax, it seems. Mentions the names of other merchants. Needs further examination. Verso: Mercantile letter in Judaeo-Arabic, in an unusual, somewhat crude hand. Might be an addendum to the Arabic-script letter, as it does not appear to be a complete letter in its own right, and it concerns the same issues (reports on flax production from the Rīf). Mentions Abū Yaḥyā (Nahray b. Nissim?) several times.

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