List or table: T-S Ar.53.36

List or table T-S Ar.53.36



Bifolio, vellum. Multiple text blocks. All in Judaeo-Arabic. (1) Recto, right page: Possibly a colophon (Kitāb...), but possibly something mercantile. There is a date: 1 Ḥeshvan '362. (2) Recto, left page: Bill of lading (maʿrifa mā ʿubbiya fī al-qafaṣ...). There follows a long list of goods together with their quantities. There are several garments and numerous materia medica. (3) Verso, left page: Miscellaneous accounts. Upper section: Amounts of money collected. From Isḥāq: 8 rubāʿīs. From Abū Yūsuf: [...] rubāʿīs and a half. From Abū l-Faḍl: 9 rubāʿīs. Lower section: "The day of my departure from Mazara was Wednesday [...] Elul '770... in the ship of my lord the qāḍi..." The dates are very faded, but it seems that the first one is 1 Ḥeshvan 4762 AM (1001 CE) and the second one is Elul 4770 AM (1010 CE). AA. ASE.