Letter: T-S Ar.42.213

Letter T-S Ar.42.213


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Letter from Abū ʿImrān b. Ghulayb to Abū l-Bayān Ibn al-Ahuv (probably Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, d. 1212 CE). In Arabic script. (Aodeh misread the sender's name as Abū ʿImrān b. Khalīla and therefore dated the letter to ca. 1061 CE.) Contains copious instructions for business dealings, including the making of syrup/molasses (rubb). Mentions people such as Mawhūb, Abū Sahl b. Ayyūb, the sender's sister's son Abū Naṣr, Abū ʿImrān b. Mardūkh, al-Rayyis Abū Zikrī, and Surūr al-Ṣabbāgh (the dyer), and Abū l-Majd the dairyman (reading "al-labbān," though there is a missing lām). There is no Sahl al-Tūnisī in l. 21 (this actually says sharāʾ al-thawb). ASE