Letter: T-S Ar.42.210

Letter T-S Ar.42.210

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Letter from Maḥmūd(?) to his cousins (awlād al-ʿamm). In Arabic script. Dated: beginning of Rabīʿ I 648 AH, which is June 1250 CE. The letter contains greetings and wishes for good health. Mentions the arrival of a letter sent from Sayyidnā al-Nāsī to Petaḥya reporting on the death of the addressees' uncle ʿAbd al-Kāfī at the beginning of Shawwāl 647 AH (January 1250 CE). The sender reports that al-Shams (or al-Shammas?) and Makīn are healthy. (Information in part from Baker-Polliack catalogue.)