List or table: T-S Ar.42.203

List or table T-S Ar.42.203



Accounts in Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals. Mentioning sugar and names such as Abū ʿImrān and Abū l-Majd. This is a reuse of a literary manuscript in Arabic script, written on a bifolio, containing an anecdote (khabar) about the Umayyad-era singer Maʿbad b. Wahb (d. 743/44). A nearly identical version may be found in Quṭb al-Surūr fī Awṣāf al-Khumūr by al-Raqīq al-Qayrawānī (d. 1034), citing Abū l-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī, citing Yūnus al-Kātib ( It describes how Maʿbad acquired a new patron in the Iraqi man who had previously purchased Maʿbad's student Ẓabiyya (a female slave). They meet on a boat in Ahwāz, and the female slaves whom Ẓabiyya had tutored before her death recognize in Maʿbad the greatest singer of the age and persuade their owner to keep him around. ASE