Letter: T-S NS 327.117 + T-S Ar.42.150

Letter T-S NS 327.117 + T-S Ar.42.150

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Letter from a woman, unknown location, to her son Makhlūf b. ʿAqbān the in-law of the physician (ṣihr al-ḥakīm), in al-Ushmūnayn. To be delivered to "the Jewish dairy maker" (al-labbān al-yahūdī). In Arabic script. Dated: first third of Ramaḍān 54[.] AH (=1146–54 CE). She begins with defending herself against his accusation that she has failed to write by stating that she has sent him numerous letters. She goes on to bemoan her separation from him and says that she cries all night long (wa-lā yaʾkhudhnī nawm wa-lā qarār illā bākiya ḥazīna). "My son, people raise children so that they won't have to rely on other people, but you are making me rely on other people even as you are prospering (wa-anta bi-kull khayr)." Someone (Abu [...]) took her to Alexandria. She mentions Abū Yaʿqūb b. ʿAṭā(?) and two dinars and how they are were given to the synagogue(?). Join: Oded Zinger and Alan Elbaum.