Legal document: T-S Ar.42.116

Legal document T-S Ar.42.116

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Deed of acknowledgment (iqrār). In Arabic script. Dated: 962 AH, which is 1554/55 CE. (Or possibly just 960 AH.) Involves ʿAbd al-Karīm Namir(?) b. ʿAlī b. ʿAlī and Mūsā b. Dāwūd b. Ibrāhīm the Rabbanite Jew. It seems that the former owes money to the latter, at least 70 dinars. Needs further examination. (This is cited as a medical recipe by Lev & Amar, Practical Materia Medica, p. 107, but they probably meant to write T-S Ar.42.110.) AA. ASE.