State document: T-S Ar.41.83

State document T-S Ar.41.83



Long letter from one government official to another. In Arabic script. The name Abū l-Ṭāhir appears in the address (likely the addressee). It seems that the sender is not happy in his current position (...ḥattā annahu ashghala nafsahu fī khidma lam yaʿlam mā hiya qabla yakhdum fīhā fa-lammā kashafahā wajadahā lā shayʾ...) and he is requesting intercession to change positions. He also mentions that this job requires "jayyid al-khaṭṭ" (good handwriting), the ability to listen to people and petitions (ruqʿa), and something related to endorsing "tawqīʿ". Needs further examination.