State document: T-S Ar.41.34

State document T-S Ar.41.34



State document, probably a report to a higher official (not a petition). This is a long strip cut from the right side of the document. At top, "ṣalawāt allāh." Mentions a sum of money (mablagh); [...] b. Abū l-ʿIzz b. Manṣūr; "[al-tawqīʿ] al-muʿaẓẓam al-muʾarrakh bi-khams layālin baqīna min [...]"; and taqdīr ʿamal min dīwān al-Ṭ[...]. There may be a damaged date in the last line of the main text block. There are portions of two more lines after a long space, including the phrase "an yakūna." Seems to be the same scribe and type of document as Moss. VIII,141.1; likely an indirect join. On verso there are Hebrew liturgical pieces with other material interspersed, including several references to the prayer of Ḥanna (these are in a different hand than the reuse of Moss. VIII,141.1).