Legal document: T-S Ar.41.11

Legal document T-S Ar.41.11

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Verso (original use): Bottom of a legal document (iqrār) in Arabic script. Dated: first decade of Jumādā II. The year is difficult to read, maybe 520 AH which would be 1126 CE. Mentions Abū l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. Ibrāhīm b. ʿAṭāʾ and transporting something to do with the government (الاىىان(؟) al-sulṭāniyya) to the shore of the Nile or the sea (ilā sāḥil al-baḥr). Recto (secondary use): Official-sounding note with instructions. In Arabic script. Probably related to verso, as it mentions the same term الاىىان. Headed by an ʿalāma (من وثق بالله...). Instructing someone to ship something somewhere, mentioning the bustān of Fakhr al-Mulk and how it must not be delayed. Also something about not charging heavy brokerage fees (al-juʿl al-thaqīl. Underneath: "al-juʿl: thumn dinār." The upper part reads approximately as follows: مسيره(؟) الى دار . . . . . القبلية والبحرية وليتوكل بالادلا(؟) واصحاب والاىاع(؟) . . . . . على حمل الاىىان(؟) الى بستان فخر الملك ولا يوخر ذلك بوجه ولا بسبب ولا خرج عليم الجعل الثقيل والحبس(؟).