State document: T-S Ar.40.125

State document T-S Ar.40.125


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In PGP since 2021


Petition, draft. in Arabic script. Arranged in four columns on a bifolio, with additional text at 90 degrees in the space between columns. It seems to be addressed Saladin ("al-Nāṣirī al-Ṣalāḥī", also mentions Dār Saʿīd al-Suʿadāʾ, the khānqāh founded by him in 1173 CE) about a calamity that afflicted the dhimma involving the jizya administration. The petitioner was formerly employed in this administration and is now in need of help. There is also a request toward the end for the addressee to donate funds to cover 100 jizyas for the poor among the Jews. Needs further examination. Reused on verso for Hebrew literary text.