State document: T-S Ar.40.106

State document T-S Ar.40.106



Fatimid fiscal document, in Arabic script. Mentions two different bureaus: dīwan al-jihād al-miṣrī (line 2) and dīwān al-ḥubūs al-miṣriyya (line 7), probably mentioning a transfer of funds between the two bureaus of probably 420 dīnārs. There is a glyph "لى" before the sum, which may mean 'addā', paid. Mentions the state official Nāhiḍ al-Dawla Khalīfa b. Ḥasan b. al-Ḥayy(?). Nāhiḍ al-Dawla [Abū ʿAlī] is also mentioned in three other Geniza documents (PGPID 18733, PGPID 19780, PGPID 25172). Al-Maqrīzī reports a state official by this title to be active towards the end of al-Āmir's period which fits the chronology of this document. Reused on recto for Hebrew literary text.