Letter: T-S Ar.39.444

Letter T-S Ar.39.444


Letter in Arabic script. Mentions an administrator/supervisor (nāẓir); a Muslim judge: al-qāḍī al-ajall Muḥammad al-[...] Ibn al-Khalīlī; advice to the addressee that if business dries up, he should go to any of Ashmūn, Sakhā, Abyar, or Sammanūd, and write with an update, and the nāẓir will provide him letters/documents for whichever town to ensure that he doesn't meet any opposition. Another judge, al-qāḍī al-sadīd Ibn Karajūn (or Karjūn), is involved with these business dealings. In the margin there are business instructions about particular garments (20 ʿarḍīs and 5 awsāṭ, with instructions about the colors and types). On verso there is related text in Arabic script in different handwriting ("to Abū l-Bahāʾ to deliver to al-qāḍī al-sadīd Ibn Karajūn) with information about the same garments which were specified on recto. Underneath, there are headings naming cities in the Delta (Dumyāṭ, Minyat Ghamr, al-Maḥalla, and at least three more), with sums in Greek/Coptic numerals underneath.