Letter: T-S Ar.39.140

Letter T-S Ar.39.140


Recto, with the address on verso (probably secondary use): Letter from Abū Saʿīd, in an unknown location, to his brother Sibāʿ, in Fustat. In Arabic script. The sender also greets Munajjā and Abū l-ʿAlāʾ. He reports "I am in the place which you know. I have nothing. I have one dirham every day. If you know a good place [...] it for me, so that if I come, I can stay there. . . ." Verso (probably original use): Letter or petition in Arabic script. To a dignitary:... المفضل المخدوم زين الدين سيد(؟) الامرا فخر الخواص عدة(؟) الملوك . . . السلاطين خليل امير المومنين ادام الله نعمته واعلا كلمته وحرس. Needs examination.