State document: T-S Ar.37.209

State document T-S Ar.37.209


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In PGP since 2019


Recto: State document. In Arabic script, in a chancery hand. The beginnings of 7 lines are preserved. Possibly a decree? Talking about the destruction of the districts (wa-athāruhu maʿrūfa... al-nawāḥī wa-afʿālahum... maʿrūf wa-lladhī... kharāb al-nawāḥī...). On verso there are ~8 lines of poetry in Arabic script and 12 in Hebrew script. Both the Arabic and Hebrew poems are headed with "basīṭa." The Hebrew poem is also headed with the name of the melody (ʿalā X) and then "fī nuskhat mawlāyyā al-ḥazan."