State document: T-S Ar.35.106

State document T-S Ar.35.106



Fatimid fiscal register. Contains the nuqila cipher (cf. AIU XII.92, ENA NS 83.346.1, NLI 4°8333.85, NLI 4°8333.171, NLI 4°8333.172, NLI 4°8333.173, NLI 4°8333.174, NLI 4°8333.175, NLI 4°8333.176). Dimensions are 19×27 cm, apparently a standard size for fiscal registers and ledgers: cf. T-S Ar. 35.106 (19×27 cm); T-S Ar. 30.35 (17×25.8 cm), and an archival copy of a decree, T-S 40.37 (17×25 cm). (Information from Rustow, Lost Archive, 510n37 and 509n18) MR