Paraliterary text: T-S Ar.30.87

Paraliterary text T-S Ar.30.87



On one of the four pages: two lists of materia medica in Arabic, each headed by a basmala, perhaps medical prescriptions. Ingredients include sarcocolla (anzarūt) and white tragacanth (kathīrāʾ abyaḍ). On the other three pages: an unusual mix of Judaeo-Arabic and Hebrew poetry. Across from the prescriptions are lines in Judaeo-Arabic. On the other side of the fragment, the right page starts in Judaeo-Arabic and ends in Hebrew. The left page consists of very short lines with the first half in Hebrew and the second half in Judaeo-Arabic. This page is signed David b. Moshe ha-Levi and dated 22 Iyar 1565 Seleucid, which is 1254 CE. ASE