State document: T-S Ar.30.308 + T-S 12.359 + T-S AS 148.96

State document T-S Ar.30.308 + T-S 12.359 + T-S AS 148.96


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In PGP since 2019


State document in Arabic script. Uses the phrase khidmat mālik al-riqq (see Khan, ALAD, 345, 368, 434 for meaning and other examples); and see T-S Ar. 42.162. Reused on both recto and verso for very curious philosophical and narrative compositions in vocalized Judaeo-Arabic mentioning Aristotle and medical aphorisms (see FGP for more specific identifications). T-S Ar.30.308 and T-S 12.359 are clearly a join, but not a direct join, as the Judaeo-Arabic text is oriented in the same direction as the Arabic text in T-S 12.359, while it is oriented in the opposite direction in T-S Ar.30.308. The scribe of the Judaeo-Arabic text is the same as the sender of T-S 10J7.3 + T-S AS 144.258 and numerous related fragments (see tag "ibn habib's patient"). The Arabic script looks quite different on each fragment, so the scribe probably took at least two different state documents and glued them together for his literary text(s). One of them mentions the amir Fāris al-Dawla.

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