List or table: T-S Ar.30.295.2–10

List or table T-S Ar.30.295.2–10



Account register, in Judaeo-Arabic. There are 9 bifolia, very well preserved. Currencies used include ashrafī and fils. Some people are titled khwaja. The European names of the months are used. Dating: Perhaps 1617 CE (Arad's suggestion). It appears that the anonymous author was an agent for one of the European consuls, probably in Alexandria. There are itemized lists of expenditures, often for foodstuffs, along with many names and some short narrative passages. There is a list of the haftarot. There is also a unique Turkish-Judaeo-Arabic glossary on fol. 4. See the article by Dotan Arad for a detailed discussion of this shelfmark. NB: The first folio is a medieval letter in Judaeo-Arabic, unrelated to the notebook.