Letter: T-S Ar.30.150

Letter T-S Ar.30.150


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In PGP since 2020


Letter of appeal addressed to a Jewish dignitary (ha-dayyan ha-maskil). The introduction is in Hebrew and the body is in Judaeo-Arabic. The writer prays that the addressee will be spared "the diseases of this year." He states that he is impoverished and suffering from an illness. "If I live, you will see my gratitude for you in public." He asks the addressee to send a messenger to the Nagid on his behalf. The letter contains the interesting oath "wa-ḥaqq al-yiḥud," where yiḥud = tawḥīd. He also writes that al-ḥūrma (his wife?) is as sick as can be. Information in part from Baker/Polliack catalog.